Discovering the Talent Hidden in Your Purpose of Life...

From an early age, I observed what people who successfully completed this process and left a mark on society, thinking that life was a learning and developmental process. I've seen that the main difference between successful people in life and those who fail to do so is to have vision, to explore the field of talent, to be dedicated and to act.

After my professional career in human resources in a leading company in the field, which is connected to one of the largest industrial and service communities in Turkey, I started to work in the education and consultancy sector.

My focus on "Talent Management", called the New Vision of Human Resources Management with the academic studies I conducted, and completing my first PhD study in Turkey in this field, was a turning point for me.

After a while, my academic studies on the corporate scale turned into seminars that I gave to individuals to explore their talent fields and to be successful by focusing on the field in which they were strong. My work has been the subject of television and radio shows. Parallel subjects were integrated and my work was followed by various competency and personal development trainings to improve people's work and quality of life.

My experience as a visiting professor and postdoctoral researcher at Penn State University in the US has given me the opportunity to further enhance my vision.

In this process, it has become a joy and purpose of life for me to share my savings by transforming my life, successful people's lives, experience in the business world and scientific data into a form that will create difference and value in people's lives. Each stage has enriched me further as brand new awareness, discoveries and thrills with the contributions of the audience and participants.

My second master's degree in neuroscience led to the opening of new horizons in my mind towards social neuroscience and especially the relationship between Talent Management & Neuroscience.

A scene in which everyone writes unique life scenarios in the adventure of life learning and development, to me. The key point is: Discover the ability hidden in your purpose of life! In this parallel, I offer and share solutions that will create difference and value in the lives of people and institutions with my belief that every person can write the life scenario that every human being wants for great potential. Dr. Dinçer Atlı

Dinçer atlı worked as a customer representative and media planning assistant in Turkey's major advertising agencies and public relations (PR) Companies during and after his education at Istanbul University Faculty of Communication and carried out various projects related to his profession.

In 2005, he received a master's degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics and worked as a Customer Relations Specialist and then Human Resources Specialist within Turkcell Group between 2002 and 2008 while continuing his academic studies. During his professional career, Atlı participated in numerous training programs in human resources management, sales, CRM and Personal Development.  After his professional career in human resources, he started working in the education and consulting sector.

Dinçer Atlı completed his first Doctorate in Turkey in "Talent Management" (Talent Management), which is called "New Vision of Human Resources Management" at Marmara University, and received the title of doctor in 2010.

In 2011, he conducted academic studies and studies at Boston, Washington and NewYork, Massachusetts, USA, and held trainings and seminars on "Talent Management" at Cambridge College. Atlı also taught Talent Management at undergraduate level at the invitation of Trier University, one of germany's leading universities, at the mba program at the mba level and at the invitation of Ruhr West University. He taught Talent Management and Neuromarketing at the invitation of the University of Romania West of Timisoara.

From 2014 to 2105, he worked in the United States as a visiting professor and researcher at the invitation of Penn State University, one of the most prestigious Universities in the United States. During his studies at Penn State University, Atlı led an international academic project in the United States, Germany, Sweden, China and Turkey with the support of TUBITAK, and mentored students who received human resources master's degrees in the United States within the scope of The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Mentorship Program in 2014-2015.

Dinçer Atlı is the world's leading Turkish academic who publishes talent management as one of the co-authors of the international book "Comparative Economics and Regional Development in Turkey", published in 2016 under IGI Publishing, one of the most prestigious us publishing houses.

In line with the needs of Equestrians, individuals and institutions participating in television and radio programs in specialization subjects, and interviewing and writings on various newspapers, magazines and websites, Equestrian offers trainings and seminars on topics such as Talent Management, Individual Talent Management, Human Resources Management, Customer Relations Management, Strategic Communication Management, Time Management, Stress Management, Motivation, NLP, Innovation, Leadership and Management Skills, Entrepreneurship and Project Culture, Neuromarketing is a management consultant.

Since 2016, Atlı has hosted uskudar TV in the program 'Talent and Success', which hosts important figures from the business world, making programs that reveal the secrets and mind map of success. Dinçer Atlı, 2017-2018 popular neuroscience chats program "Hand-in-Hand Brain" program Prof. He presented a program with Dr. Sinan Canan on Üsküdar TV.

Atlı worked as Head of Advertising Design and Communication at Uskudar University between 2015 and 2018. Since 2018, Atlı has been a member of the Faculty of Communication at Uskudar University. Dinçer Atlı, who continues his academic studies as Dr.

In this context, Atlı was the editor of the international scientific book "Analyzing the Strategic Role of Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience", published by US publishing house IGI Global in 2020, and also wrote "Applying Neuroscience to Talent Management: The Neuro Talent Management" on how neuroscience can contribute to Talent Management practices, and for the first time, he proposed the concept of Neuro Talent Management to academic literature. The book in question is the first English-language book study by a Turkish academic in the field of neuromarketing.

Dinçer Atlı works interdisciplinaryly by including his academic studies, talent management, social neuroscience, neuromarketing, entrepreneurship and advertising.

Dinçer Atlı, a certified NLP Specialist (Master Practitioner) from Germany-based Dachverband für Neurolinguistisches Programmieren (DVNLP), is a member of "Toastmasters International", a worldwide language club, a founding member of the Turkish Brain Mapping Association, a member of the "All Futurists Association (TFD)" and a member of the Advisory Board of istanbul University Career Development Center (KAGEM).

Dinçer Atlı sees sharing his savings by transforming his savings into a form that will create difference and value in the lives of institutions and people, based on his own life, successful people's lives, experience in the business world and scientific data.