Assoc.prof. Dr. Dinçer Atlı Dinçer atlı worked as a customer representative and media planning assistant in Turkey's major advertising agencies and public relations (PR) Companies during and after his education at Istanbul University Faculty of Communication and carried out various projects related to his profession. In 2005, he received a master's degree from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics and worked as a Customer Relations Specialist and then Human Resources Specialist within Turkcell Group between 2002 and 2008 while continuing his academic studies. During his professional career, Atlı participated in numerous training programs in human resources management, sales, CRM and Personal Development.  After his professional career in human resources, he started working in the education and consulting sector.


• Leadership and Motivation Training • Effective Time Management • Interview and CV Writing Techniques • Individual Talent Management • Determining Priorities • Stress Management *Active Persuasion Methods • Career Games for Seniors • Problem Solving Techniques • Self-future and Vision Design • Understanding Personality Types and People • Mind Maps *Being a Personal Brand • Entrepreneurship Training • Peak with Giant Steps • Energy Psychology Methods • Being a Personal Brand • Image Management •Relationship Management and Networking • A Series of Training Seminars (1 Hour Accelerated Training Programs)
• Effective Management and Leadership Skills • Effective Customer Relationship Training • Development Of Sales Skills Training • Call Center Training Programs • Talent Management Training • Negotiating Skills • Effective Team Training • Problem Solving Techniques • Effective Time Management at Work • Innovation Training • Coaching Skills for Managers • Understanding Personality Types and People in Business Life • Fasilitation Skills • Problem Solving Techniques • Personal Image at Work • Marketing Communication Trainings (Strategic Communication Management, Advertising, Public Relations, Sponsorship) • Pleasant Workplace Training Program • Neuromarketing • Outdoor Programs
Neuromarketing Consultancy Employer Brand Consultancy Corporate Culture Configuration Program Employee Satisfaction Research Enterprise Program 360 Degree Company Checkup Corporate Image and Brand Management Create a Employer Brand Creation of a Human Resources Management System Ability Management System Design Coaching and Mentoring Studies Individual Talent Analysis Career Counseling